Sell & buy high quality products & services at a discount.

GROUPDEALS negotiates with vendor's for the best possible deal for the consumer.

Once GROUPDEALS reaches an agreement with the vendor, it moves forward.

GROUPDEALS & the vendor have reached an agreement on a minimum price they will sell their items or services on the GROUPDEALS platform.

Before listing the deal on the platform, GROUPDEALS must first distribute the deal accordingly.

GROUPDEALS takes the vendor’s minimum & maximum asking price and it allows its platforms algorithm to work its magic.

GROUPDEALS starts with the vendor’s maximum asking price & works its way down.

With every deposit a customer makes in a GROUPDEALS, the vendor’s max asking price decreases to a more affordable deal. The more customers that participate in a GROUPDEALS, the bigger the deal for all customers. The vendor’s max asking price continues to decrease as the number of customers who participate in a GROUPDEALS increases. All customers benefit.

GROUPDEALS has all the necessary quantitative analysis to determine the % price cut per # of customers buying in to a GROUPDEALS.





GROUPDEALS algorithm determines the per customers buy in amount and the % price cut per deposit.

GROUPDEALS runs tests from the collected data to calculate the customers buy in amount, price cut bracket and the overall best GROUPDEALS for the vendor and customer.

GROUPDEALS collects the information provided by the vendor, which usually includes: max & min price, inventory, etc.

The GROUPDEALS is shared on the GROUPDEALS platform and the community saving starts.

Each GROUPDEALS varies depending on vendor inventory, guidelines and accessibility.

The majority of GROUPDEALS run for 1 week and then it renews.

After the completion of the GROUPDEALS, the vendor generates an invoice for the remaining balance. The customer can pay in store and pick up the items or pay through GROUPDEALS and have it delivered.


What particular items or services would you like to participate in a GROUPDEALS?

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